Stapleton Capital



Stapleton Capital has been created to consider opportunities within the telecoms industry. In particular, the initial focus will be to acquire one or more companies operating in the telecom sector, with all areas of the industry being considered. If successful, it is possible additional companies, in the same, or related sectors could be acquired to form a consolidation, or ‘roll-up’ within a particular sector or niche of the telecoms market.

The telecoms sector has developed rapidly over the past century. However, it is with the creation of the internet and smart technology that mobile communications in particular have begun to proliferate into the mass market. This has created many new markets and sub-sectors that did not exist thirty years ago. The technology and related services the technology supports, continue to rapidly advance in terms of functionality, availability lower and cost.

Many companies offer multiple ‘packaged’ services to their customers across these different sectors, such as mobile, fixed line, online security, cloud storage, equipment supply and service and others. The Directors believe there is an opportunity to consolidate, or ‘roll-up’ a large number of smaller operators across these different sectors to generate significant value, market share and cost savings.

More information will be available at the London Stock Exchange.